Jill St.Clair Creative will help you engage your audience visually to drive sales and grow your business. Take a look at the offerings below to see how JSC can make your business look better than it ever has.

dedication to craft


When our clients shine, we shine. From project conception to finishing touches, it's JSC's main objective to keep our clients happy and looking good. 


Branding Design

Art Direction

Print Design

Brand Management

Web Design 



Print and Digital Advertising

Social Media Design

Event Graphics

Need additional services to complete your creative project? Don't worry. We partner with all of the best creative minds in their fields. Web development, copy writing, photography, videography; just start your project with JSC and we'll take care of the rest to provide a stress free process for you and your team.

Looking for some creative help outside of the business realm? Jill St.Clair Creative offers a range of additional creative services from invitation design to custom painting. Click the link below to explore what JSC can do for your personal creative projects.

the face


A creative at heart, Jill St.Clair has spent her life bringing her imagination to reality through her many creative endeavors. With the belief that passion drives success, she poured her energy into creating a company that could allow her passion to help others shine. Now Jill uses her background in graphic design and fine art to find unique solutions for her client's branding and graphic needs. 


Check out our work to get a better idea of what JSC can do for you.